USA Dance (Tidewater) Chapter #6008

About Us

The Tidewater Chapter #6008, USA Dance, Inc. was formed November 3, 1990 as the Tidewater Chapter #6008, United States Ballroom Dancers Association (USABDA).

The initial membership was 46 with the Chapter peaking at more than 250 in 1994. Currently, membership stands at under 100.

The dances were first held at Princess Ann Plaza Recreation Center but through the years there have been many venues, including the Khedive Hall in Chesapeake, Princess Ann Convention Center, an former bowling alley, the Khedive Hall in downtown Norfolk, and then in the Knights of Columbus Hall in the Ocean View area of Norfolk. From January, 2012 until December 2016 our monthly social dances (4th Saturday of each month) were split between two studios in Virginia Beach - A Time To Dance Studio and DancesportVA. Beginning in 2017, with the Chapter choosing to entertain bids for our monthly rental, our month social dances are exclusively held at DanceSportVA in Virginia Beach.

Before they ended several years ago, the 2nd Sunday Tea Dances were held in the Roma Lodge in Virginia Beach and the DancesportVA studio. The Tea Dances were halted because of economics - there was not enough attendance to make it cost effective.

The Chapter was known as one of the few Chapters that always featured live bands for the Monthly dances. This ended primarily becuase the newer bands were not agreeable to playing the strict tempo required by ballroom dancers and the cost became prohibitive. All our dances now use a DJ with recorded music.

Annual New Year's Dance and Workshops.

The one constant for the Chapter has been the New Year's Dance and Workshops event. This is the venue that supports the revenue received from the Monthly dances and provides the funding for the Chapter's Youth Dance Scholarship program. We now preparing for our 29th anniversary event. The event has provided more than $15,000 in scholarships over the past 10 years for our young people to help them attain their dance vision.
This event is planned to be held at the same location in Portsmouth in the incoming 2018-2019 New Year period.


The Chapter membership funds the majority of our organization's efforts and provides many benefits to dancers throughout the United States. One of the greatest benefits of membership in USA Dance is simply being an active participant in, and supporter of, this dynamic and effective leader, promoter and supporter of ballroom dancing. Many members say that attending USA Dance events and association with the friends they make at those events quickly becomes a significant and very pleasurable part of their life. This applies regardless of age or whether the member is a Social Dancer, DanceSport Athlete, Student, or Junior dancer. Dancers who love to travel enjoy the instant social life they find while on vacation.

Discounts on Admissions

Attend Chapter dances anywhere in the country and pay the lower admission prices applicable to USA Dance members. Each dance usually starts with a one-hour dance lesson, followed by several hours of general dancing. The typical program includes mixers, line dances, and dance demonstrations.

Dance Information

All members receive a subscription to our exciting quarterly magazine, American Dancer. 

Receive Chapter Newsletters covering local ballroom dance news, including information on places to dance. Call our 800 number (800-447-9047) or email chapters via "Find A Local Chapter" section of the National website ( for dance information across the US. Members use this service when planning business trips or vacations. USA Dance and the Tidewater Chapter are now also on Facebook.

Tax Information

A portion of your membership fee is tax deductible. Consult your tax adviser.

Other Benefits

Receive news from the chapter about ballroom dance opportunities in our community.

You can make a difference - get involved in the Chapter's outreach activities and share the joy of ballroom with others.

Help fulfill our mission! USA Dance is supported by membership dues. As a member, you enable us to continue our work to promote ballroom around the country and offer support services to your local chapter.

Outreach Programs

The Chapter has currently one main outreach programs for youth which is our Youth Scholarships. Although several of our members and Chapter officers are currently teaching youth groups.

The scholarship program is designed to assist youth competitive dancers in defraying the high cost of competition. The Chapter provides funds each year for this outreach program. Funding is raised with our 50/50 at each social dance and by special funds from our NYE event.

The Chapter will provide financing towards the cost of entry fees and some other costs depending upon individual competitor needs and availability of scholarship funds.